Chairman of association’s mission is to (according to the rules):

• preside at meetings of association

• to convene meetings of the Board and preside at meetings of the Board of Directors

• represents the association

• maintain links with other technical student unions and associations


The association’s secretary is responsible for (according to the rules):

• keep minutes of meetings of the Board and the association

• manage the association’s correspondence and archives

• taking care of membership rosters


The association’s treasurer is responsible for (according to the rules):

• responsible of the association’s property management and accounting, as well as a list of equipment management

• required to report the association’s financial position to the Board

• prepare a proposal for association’s budget for the following year of operation

Instructor of Freshmen

The association’s Director of Freshmen task is (according to the rules):

• to supervise and instruct guilds in instructing freshmen

• provide training in small groups guilds counselors for freshmen


The association’s Host is responsible for (according to the rules):

• to ensure members of the Association and their guests enjoy the association meetings and get-togethers

• Act as the convener of party committees and is responsible of program arrangements

• responsible of organizing Wappu events

Culture Pig

The association’s Culture Pig is responsible for (according to the rules):

• to ensure the Oulu Engineering Student Culture well-being

• responsible for preserving Oulu Engineering student Culture and traditions

Director of public relations

The association’s Relations Officer is responsible for:

• to manage and develop relations

• rresponsible of preserving Student Sticker benefits and acquisition of new benefits

• to manage and develop business cooperation and marketing

• obtain sponsors for the association

Director of communications

The association’s Information Officer is responsible for the information:

• To ensure association’s internal and external communication

• to ensure website update

• responsible of Teksuutimien -magazine publication and editorial board assembly

• be primarily responsible for association publications

Director of education politics

The association’s Representative of Educational Matters is responsible for:

• responsible for technology education issues

• to participate in the Student Union of the University of Oulu Education Policy Committee activities

• Act as a student representative at the Faculty of Education Council




Webmaster’s job is to take care of the website together with director of communications. Webmaster also takes care of email lists.


Director of alumnus

Director of alumnus takes care of alumnus operations and improves them. Maintains contact to other director of alumnus in faculty of technology.



Hostess’s job is to help householder in organizing parties.


Director of sports

Maintains contact to Ystävällinen Kaunohiihtoseura ry and Oulun Akateeminen Mölökky- ja Kyykkäseura ry. Organizes association’s sport events. Also maintains contact to engineering guild’s director of sports. Organizes jogging event on every monday.


Little pig

Little pig’s job is to help culture pig.


Graphic artist

Graphic artist creates advertisements for events. Designs badges together with director of communications and is responsible for creating marketing materials.


Director of tussle

Director of tussle operates as political advisor and operates as a link between association’s board and to TeTa.


Director of international affairs

Director of international affairs cooperates Oulu university’s student association’s director of international affairs secretary, guild’s director o international affairs, faculty of technology’s trainee secretary and the main exchange programs.


Director of Ratikka

Director of Ratikka takes care of dartz club Ratikka. Organizes two competitions, one in spring and one in fall.


Representative of equality

Representative of equality brings out own opinions in equality questions. Aims to act in faculty of technology’s work group of equality.


Director of social politics

Director of social politics is responsible of social politics in technology field. Takes part in Oulu university’s social politics comittee.