Teekkari culture is the most valuable principal what Oulun Teekkariyhdistys upholds. Teekkari culture includes everything from most well known things like Tempaus and Jäynä. Students of technology also cherish singing and table party (sitsit) culture. First Teekkari were born in Oulu 1.6.1960 when the first Teekkarit wore Teekkarilakki. Teekkari’s tombstone stands in the yard of Teekkaritalo, where we arrive to show respect. 

Teekkari culture is cherished by Kulttuurisika who leads Tempaus- ja Kulttuuritoimikunta which is better known as TeKuToKu.

In these pages are collected the most important Oulu’s Teekkari culture expressions. Teekkari culture is so wide concept that it can’t be written on one webpage easily.