Jäynä is like clever practical jokes done to amuse even a bigger audience. The idea is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or harm anything rather to bring some joy to people’s life. There are many kinds of jäynäs: from small but hilarious jäynäs done in small budget and short time to a massive jäynäs which needs specific plans and longer time. Most of the jäynäs are documented and some of the famous ones can be watched here.

In Oulu are organized two competitions every year: local jäynäcompetition and freshmen jäynäcompetition. They both are held at the same time in late spring. There are specific rules concerning the making of jäynä, the area and the participating group. Different from other Teekkari studing cities is the time, in Oulu this competition is done in three weeks time starting from theme given by Culture pig. In others they have more time to done jäynä. Freshmen jäynäcompetition affects to the swimming order of the Teekkari guilds in Wappu time.

The winning guild of local competition takes part in National jäynäcompetition organized in different cities of Finland. There they will compete in good atmosphere against the other Teekkari universities by making and filming of jäynäs.