Teekkarit have been singing ages and writing some of the “unforgettable” lyrics. Even though most of Teekkaris aren’t good at singing, it never lowers down the speed. Their motto is that “Teekkari sings rather than well”, meaning that it’s better to sing even though you might not have a voice to do so. In every Teekkari event around the Finland Teekkari Hymn is sung at midnight. In Oulu it goes even more confusion after Hymn when every Teekkari is singing their own guild song on top of others.

Lyrics are easier to remember after several times, but to help your memory there are two song books in Oulu. Laulukalu is the name of official song book of Oulun Teekkariyhdistys. It includes hundreds of songs in Finnish but also in other languages. There is also a smaller song book called Tasku-Teppo which has fewer famous songs.

Oulun Teekkariyhdistys organizes singing evenings throughout the year including singing evening for Freshmen and later in the autumn spectacular Laulumarathon (singing marathon). In Laulumarathon the Laulukalu is sung from cover to cover and lyric competition in several classes are held. Culture pig is responsible of two mentioned events.