Tempaukset (acts of engrossing)

Tempaus is a big, usually extremely big event, where people are “engrossed” to do something that benefits someone. In other words since 1878 Teekkarit (technical students) had engrossed others every now and then by gathering money or publicity for some important matter.

Traditional tempaukset in Oulu


Wesibussi (waterbus) is maybe the most famous tempaus organized by Oulun Teekkariyhdistys. Every year Line 69 –Wesibussi of Koskilinjat operates between the campus and city center during Wappu time and nowadays also in Vulcanalia. It is a party bus where music is played loud and dancing mood is on. When the bus stops for example at traffic lights, bus is made to swing and go “up and down” together with other passengers. All the earning are donated to charity; earlier to Thirst day –fundraising organized by Unicef (in Finnish it was called Waterday –fundraising and there comes the name for waterbus) and later to Children’s unit of Oulu University Hospital.

Tire changing –tempaus

In Finland it is obligatory to use winter tires in cars from December to February. Therefore every autumn and spring Teekkarit gather to change tires to other people’s cars in parking lot of Prisma Linnanmaa. At the best nearly 130 cars has got their tires changed. Payment is voluntary and all the earnings are given to an organization or a place, which advance the welfare of youth and children.

Voting –tempaus

The voting activity of youth has always been criticized. In order to show that the students can vote, OTY has organized voting –tempaus. On the advanced voting day students with their Teekkaricaps on form an image queue half an hour before an opening of a voting place. Other voters are let to pass the queue.

Other tempaus –events are organized every year and if you have any good ideas for tempaus, contact our culture pig to address kulttuurisika[at]oty.fi