Wesibussi (Waterbus)

Wesibussi is a way to collect charity organized by engineering students of University of Oulu together with OTPTravel Oy. Wesibussi drive his route first time in 1999 and its idea is to move from one place to another without stopping the party. It is a crucial part of Wappu in Oulu and maybe offers the best party during the whole Wappu time! The earnings are donated to charity.

Responsible of organizing Wesibussi is WesiBussiComitea, which works under Oulun Teekkariyhdistys. Into the committee belongs around twenty active Teekkaris. You may contact them by mailing to address wbc[at]oty.fi.

You recognize the staff from both yellow t-shirt and black Wesibussihoody. These shirts can be seen bit before Wappu in University and in different parties, so be brave to knock on the shoulder and ask for more information!



Rules of Wesibussi

By following the rules of Wesibussi you will guarantee a good party to everyone. These rules are not made to limit the fun!

  • Into the Wesibussi is taken maximum 100 people at once. We ask for your understanding if you don’t fit in.
  • Do not pea, shit or puke inside the bus. From the excretion we charge 100€.
  • The bus should not be violated nor the movables (like emergency hammer) touched. Any property violated must always be compensated and it may result in an entry ban to the bus.
  • It is forbidden to go on top of a back rest.
  • No fighting is permitted.
  • Do not touch the music equipment.
  • Let the driver to do his work.
  • Bottles belong to any of the “bottlesea” in the bus.