Freshmen activity

What are they?

Freshmen also known as fuksit in Finnish are first year students who will be taught to be active and tradition knowing Teekkari. Training tools for this are small group guidance, freshmen book (Fuksiopus), Freshmen pass (fuksipassi) and countless teekkari happenings during the year.

What is fuksikaste

fuksikaste is an event where freshmen are drowned (“babtised”) and enter a limbo. The next morning they emerge as engineering students and live again. This will be held day before the Wappu (Waatto). Last years OTY’s freshmen director will show an example by swimming first. Fuksikaste and needed fuksi points gives the right to have teekkarilakki in wappu morning 04:30 in Rauhala.

What is Teekkarilakki (engineering student cap)

Most well known symbol for Teekkari in Finland is his/hers Teekkarilakki which he/she will carry with pride always when possible. Freshmen will get their own engineering student capin Wappu’s morning (only if he/she have participated in fuksikaste and have obtained required amount of fuksi points) or on mother’s day (if person is unable to pariticipate to the event where freshmen gets their engineering student cap).

Freshmen student cap

Freshmen student cap is a training cap for first year students and freshmen will use it as it would be engineering student cap.

Freshmen student cap have long traditions in Oulu since 1977. Student cap provider Wahlman’s employees strike just before Wappu prevented freshmen to get their engingeering student caps in the wappu morning so temporarily new engineering students carried Miranol caps which had wool tassel attached. After that commercial caps have served as freshmen student caps.

Nowadays freshmen students caps colors have changed to blue since white painter caps are not so common anymore.

Freshmen points?

Freshmen points are freshmen (radio)activity’s measurement. When freshmen enters to university they will get their freshmen pass where they collect points during their freshmen year. They will get notes from various different things like being active in student organization, participating to happening, excursions, singing etc.