Freshmen activity

Oty arranges lots of different happenings for freshmen during the year. On this site there’s few examples what there will be. Also guilds and other associations are going to arrange lots of freshmen activities.

Freshmen orienteering

Freshmen orienteering if the first big happening for freshmen in the fall. Purpose of this orienteering is to find and participate on checkpoints with your own small group and collect as much points as you can with each checkpoint. Best teams will be awared but the main purpose is to have fun. Each freshmen orienteering will have it’s own theme.

Freshmen sport contest

In freshmen sport contest freshmen will compete with teams of three with different kind of playful sport assignments. This happening will be arranged in Linnanmaa in Fall. After the competition there will be freshmen’s singing evening in Teekkaritalo.

Freshmen’s singing evening

Teekkari will sing famously than better. In the singing evening freshmen will learn important songs for Teekkari and they can make wished for the songs to be sang. This happening will be arranged in Fall after the freshmen sport contest.

Freshmen student capping

Freshmen student capping is a happening where first year students will get their training cap how to use engingeering student cap properly. This happening will be held on the last day of September.

Home food course

OTY, Faculty of tehcnology, Uniresta and YTHS in cooperation will arrange home food course for freshmen where basic surviving skills will be learn for living by oneself – cooking. Home food course will be arranged late in the Fall.

Snow carving

In early spring OTY will organize snow carving contest where guilds freshmen will compete against each other by carving snow. Also this event will have it’s own theme which changed every year and scarvings should somehow be related to that theme.

Otto’s day

Otto’s name day in the spring will being the Wappu. Oty’s freshmen section will arrange something fun to do for the freshmen on 17.4. This can happeng anywhere.


Wappu is the christmas, easter, midsummer and new year for every engingeering student. In wappu freshmen will die(figuratively) and reborn as engingeering students. In wappu week there will be arranged lots of event like Kirkkovenesoudut(rowing the river), Ööpisgaala, Wappu’s week will culminate on Wappu eve in fuksikaste and eve’s party. Early in Wappu morning new engineering students will get their engineering student caps and the old freshmen student caps will be burnt in Teekkaritalo’s grill.