Membership activities

Activities and events
Every year the Engineering Students Association of Oulu (Oulun Teekkariyhdistys ry) engages in a large variety of activities ranging from interest group functions and many different events.

Here is a list of some annual events organized by OTY:

PESTI-days are held in January in co-operation with the Pestityömarkkinapäivät Oy. In the early stages of the year OTY will organize a gathering event for the different engineering guild student counsils. At the same time different subsections of OTY (Phuksijaos, WappuComitea etc.) are established.

In March OTY organizes several events like: hosting a visiting performance of TeekkariSpeksi, a competition for freshmen to craft sculptures from snow, Kyykkä tournament for freshmen in co-operation with Oulun Akateeminen Mölökky- ja Kyykkäseura ry (OAMK) and a seminar for engineering students.

In the late spring new instructors for future freshmen are trained as well as the local Jäynä-competition is organized.

When the autumn semester starts in September, the freshmen will go through a track of checkpoints and do tasks accordingly. Usually silly tasks. The last day of September is the last day when older students are allowed without special permission to wear their white engineering student cap. This is also the day when freshmen will receive their practise student caps. This day is celebrated with Lakinlaskiaiset-event.

As the year goes on another visiting performance, NääsPeksi, is hosted by OTY. At some point, all small group instructors from the technical faculty will be brought together for a table party. In December OTY holds an winter(Christmas)party called Picojoule.

Education policy activities

The person responsible for educational policy is a member in the education committee. She/he will also oragnize TeKoLupi and take part in the student unions kopo-subsections meetings. The main task is to be aware of educational policy issues affecting engineering students and the University in general. Main duty is to bring out the voice and interest of students regarding decision-making.

TeKoLupi is a subsection of OTY, which role is to connect student organizations forces and ideas. The members of TeKoLupi consist of student representatives from each engineering guild, faculty representatives and other people working closely to the subject. Main channel of debate is an e-mailing list, but once in a while meetings are held to exchange ideas.

Tekniikan edistämissäätiö (TES)-foundation holds annually a competition to find the best teaching personel in a technical faculty. OTY proposes candidates to the competition accodring to suggestions from students. In 2012 candidate from Oulu, professor Jaakko Kujala was awarded with the good teacher award. The award has made it to Oulu earlier as well.

Interested to know more about the insitutions in the univeristy and what happens in their decision-making? Here is a list of links where you can read proceedings of meetings, what has peen decided and what has been discussed (all the links are in Finnish):

Technical faculty education committee information and records:

Technical faculty council information and records:

University of Oulu Board of Directors transcripts:

Collegiate records:

Universitys education council:

Social affairs activies

OTY works for the benefit of its members in the social affairs sector. At the student union level OTY strives to improve students learning conditions and abilities to study. Good studying conditions are made up of a number of factors. Student housing, daily high quality dining and good financial situation play a huge role in a good learning environment. The cetral themes in social policy are basic things in life such as housing, finance and health. The aim is to influance decision-making in a way, that every student has the opportunity for full-time study.

Social policy issues are not necessarily those of the most visible of all the students everyday life even though they affect every student on a daily basis. In addittion to all the behind the scenes work, our sopo-subsection organizes a home cooking course every autumn for freshmen.

Social policy influencing work is done both on local and national level. Many decisions come from state level, but influencing them can be done from lower levels as well. University Students in Finland (SYL) is the nationwide operator in social policy matters. They work in cooperation with The Social Insurance Institution (KELA), Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, YTHS in Finnish), Student Housing in Finland Association (SOA) and various ministries in Finland.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) has a committee for social affairs. OTY representative in the committee is the person appointed with social policy matters. The main responsibility is, of course, to benefit the technical students. The committee meets about once a month and are open all members in the student union. The committee gatherings discuss and make decisions on topical issues. The committee prepares topics under the authority of Student Unions Board, such as nominatin student representatives. In OYY social policy matters are appointed to two board members and the secretary of social affairs. You can join the e-mailing list of social affairs here: In social affair matters you can contact social affairs representative at:

For more information (links in Finnish):