Dartz club Ratikka

The club motto:
“Tikanheitto on hyvä harrastus, se pitää nuorison pos kaduilta”
“Darts is a great hobby, it keeps the youth off the streets”

RATIKKA is a darts club operating within OTY. Its purpose is to promote and increase awareness of darts as a hobby among the technical students of University of Oulu. Anyone wanting to be involved in the club does not have to be a technical student. All one needs is lots of humor, a steady hand and a desire to spend evenings with this noble hobby.

Darts club RATIKKA was founded in the autumn of 1973 in Oulu in a restaurant owned by students from the technical faculty, RATTORILUPI. Succesful operation has been carried out since the establishment by an admittedly small force. In 2009 RATIKKA was again returned to students of the technical faculty and taken out to the knowledge of the masses. More of the history of RATIKKA can be found in the history section.