From following places you can get discount with Teekkari stamp in your student card. Older students who have teekkari cards can still get fiscount from these. If you have suggestions for where to get discount, contact OTY’s Director of public relations.





Pilailupuoti, Kauppurienkatu 34,  -10% from all products, doesn’t include season time f.e. halloween and Wappu. Discount is personal






 Free entrance to Club Dione.Excluding special evenings







Varying discounts from products 




Pesula Pesukarhu

Personal discount with engineering student card or stamp.
-10%from all services





Masseur: Tmi Hieroja Jussi Ervasti

5€ personal discount with engineering student card or stamp.
Discount only for students
Discount between 8:00-16:00



Cocktail Company

Cocktail Company