Engineering guilds


Architecture guild of Oulu
Oulun Arkkitehtikilta ry

Oulun Arkkitehtikilta ry is established in 1959 by students of architecture. It promotes interests of its members both in studying and in spare time. All the students of Oulu School of Achitecture are members of the guild. A participation of as many architecture students as possible is the base for the activity of the guild.

Colour of overalls is white.

Mechanical engineering guild of Oulu
Oulun yliopiston koneinsinöörikilta ry

Oulun yliopiston koneinsinöörikilta ry is a guild for students of the department of mechanical engineering in University of Oulu. The purpose of the guild is to improve on the education of mechanical engineers in University of Oulu, to uphold the connections to the Student union of University of Oulu and other students and associations of engineering sector, join its members to companionableness, familiarize them to the main question of their profession, improve members’ independence and judgment, and maintain the order among members.

Colour of overalls is red.

Industrial engineering and management guild of Oulu
OPTIEM – Oulun Tuotantotalousteekkarit ry

OPTIEM – Oulun Tuotantotalousteekkarit ry is established in 1991 as a guild for industrial engineering and management students. The purpose of the guild is to promote their members interest in studying issues and organize different spare time activities for example among sports and academic student culture. Responsible of organizing the activities in the guild are end of every year selected board members and actors, but every guild member participate according to their enthusiasm.

Colour of overalls is mint.

Information engineering guild of Oulu
Oulun Tietoteekkarit ry

Oulun Tietoteekkarit ry is established in 1988 as a subject association to the students studying computer science and engineering and information processing. The guild unite every computer science teekkari and freshmen to a congenial group, which does something nice among each other and with other engineering guilds. The activities in the guild organize one year in a row selected board with the help of enthusiastic actors. The interests of the members improve also in different instances sitting representatives.

Colour of overalls is black.

Process engineering guild of Oulu
Oulun yliopiston Prosessikilta ry


The purpose of the guild is to perform as a contact link between process engineering students of the University of Oulu, to advance the studying issues of the students of process engineering, to familiarize its members to their professional questions, to maintain the connections to the Student Union of University of Oulu and other students, associations and companies of the engineering field, to improve their members independence, maintain order among them and uphold healthy Teekkarispirit.

Colour of overalls is white.

Electrical engineering guild of Oulu
Sähköinsinöörikilta ry

Guild of electrical engineers (Sähköinsinöörikilta ry) is a student association that represents the students of the University of Oulu’s electrical engineering, electronics and communications students. The members of the board together with the officers are running  the guild. The purpose of the guild is to connect students of the electrical engineering and to keep contact also to other student guilds in Oulu and to other guilds of electrical engineering in Finland and in Europe. Guild is not too bureaucratic organization so it is easy to get your voice heard. The board of the guild are organizing events to the members and takes care of the interests and traditions of the guild. 

Color of overalls is blue.

Environmental engineering guild of Oulu
Oulun yliopiston Ympäristörakentajakilta ry

Oulu univeristy’s guild of environmental engineering (Oulun yliopiston Ympäristörakentajakilta ry) is a student association that represents the environmental engingeering students. Guild is part of Process engineering and Environmental engineering department. The purpose of the guild is to run members affairs in university, connect student members in guild, inspire to follow professional questions, help new members to familiarize with university and student life, be in contact with area of associations, other guilds in Oulu university and other academic institutions and also create and maintain relations between students and area of work in businesses and staff of Oulu university.

Color of overalls is blue-red-yellow.