Hi freshman!

Have you ever wondered how would it be like to have a sleepover with your friends? Would it for once be nice to spend a fun evening with a hangover-free next morning?
Now´s the chance! OTY is organizing a freshmen slumber party on Wednesday 13.11. starting at 18:00! So, get your comfiest loungewear and head to Teekkaritalo (Teekkarihouse) to spend a nice, relaxed evening with the other freshmen. The plan is to play boardgames and console games, watch movies and go to the sauna for example. You also have the option to sleep over at Teekkari house so if you will, pack your necessities for spending the night as well as a mattress for the floor bedding.

Some snacks are available, but you should take some cash with you if you want to order food together etc.

Rudimentary plan for the evening:
18:00 Chilling, playing games
18:30 Movie number 1
20:30 Movie number 2

There are multiple board games to play throughout the evening and you are welcome to play those also in between movies. Bring your own board- or card game as well! The sauna will be warm so take your towel with you.

We leave the house the next morning at 8:00 am to go to morning lectures.

The event is for the first-year students of organizing association.

The Freshmen capping is getting closer!

The Freshmen capping is on Monday the 30th of September (week 40) starting at 20:00 at Rotuaari. The freshmen should be there 15 minutes before that (19:45). At Rotuaari each guild will have their own line where the freshmen will be guided to and given more instructions. If you have anu questions such as where Rotuaari is don´t hesitate to ask your tutor or the Freshmen Sec
Only by attending to the Freshmen Capping will you be able to get your freshmen cap so make sure to be there!

During this very evening you´ll be able to collect following freshmen points:
Getting you freshmen cap = 1p
”Lakinlaskijaiset” aka the afterparty (after the Freshmen capping) = 1p
Using Freshmen cap = 1p (From the” Lakinlaskijaiset”. After this evening it is possible to collect two more points on this slot!)

After the Freshmen capping there is an afterparty in Hevimesta!
Tickets will be sold beforehand (3€ with Teekkaristicker / 4€ without the sticker and at the door 5€). At midnight we´ll quiet down to the atmosphere of “Lakinlaskijaiset”. That is when the general permission to use the Teekkari cap ends.

Tickets will be sold at the green coat racks on:
Friday 27.9. 10-14:15
Monday 30.9. 10-14:15

WHEN: 30.9. at 19:45 + afterparty
WHERE: At Rotuaari and in Hevimesta
WHAT? Freshmen capping and Lakinlaskijaiset
WHY? A training cap for the freshmen and an end to the general permission to use the Teekkaricap
DOES IT COST? 3€/4€/5€
(At green coatracks 3€ with Teekkaristicker / 4€ without the sticker and at the door 5€).


The race was extremely tight until the very end but finally the following teams made it to the top 3 (Guild on brackets if it is known):
1. Senionöörit (OPTIEM)
2. Deus Ex Machina (KONE)
On a shared 3rd place (alphabetical order):
Area 51 (YMP)
F Lab Crew
Pöpö Attack Sqwad (YMP)
Radikaalit Enviromentalistit (KONE)
Elämän peli
Huge congratulations to all winners and thanks to all teams who participated in the orienteering!
In addition to the fame and glory the winners will get a laminated diploma of their achievement! As an extra award TEK sponsored goods for the 1st and 2nd team and the winning team of the SPR -checkpoint will be awarded gorgeous red foldable camping seat pads. The diplomas and the goods will be delivered with the help of each guilds freshmen directors.

Engineering Cap Descending Party 30.9.

The using time of Engineering Cap is beginning to end, and this means we all engineers gather to Engineering Cap Descending event 30.9. Event is held in Kantis Bar, and doors open in 22:00. Everyone, including frehsmenn, descend their hats to rest at 24:00. After midnight, hats and caps are allowed to be worn only with special permission from the Board of OTY.

Before the Descending Party, Freshmen can reclaim their freshmen hats from Rotuaari-square, starting from 20:00. All others are welcome to join the event.

Ticket sales places and times
Green coat hangers
28.9. 10:00-14:00
29.9. 10:00-14:00
30.9. 10:00-14:00

Department of Architecture
29.9. 11:00-13:00

Tickets in advance 3€/4€ (with Engineering sticker in your student card/without the sticker) and from door 5€.


Reclaiming the Freshmen Hat from Freshmnn Hat-event = 1 point
Using the Freshmen Hat at the Engineering Cap Descending Party = 1 point
Being at the Engineering Cap Descending Party in Kantis Bar = 2 points

You can read about the Engineering Cap Regulation and -law from here: