Engineering Cap Descending Party 30.9.

The using time of Engineering Cap is beginning to end, and this means we all engineers gather to Engineering Cap Descending event 30.9. Event is held in Kantis Bar, and doors open in 22:00. Everyone, including frehsmenn, descend their hats to rest at 24:00. After midnight, hats and caps are allowed to be worn only with special permission from the Board of OTY.

Before the Descending Party, Freshmen can reclaim their freshmen hats from Rotuaari-square, starting from 20:00. All others are welcome to join the event.

Ticket sales places and times
Green coat hangers
28.9. 10:00-14:00
29.9. 10:00-14:00
30.9. 10:00-14:00

Department of Architecture
29.9. 11:00-13:00

Tickets in advance 3€/4€ (with Engineering sticker in your student card/without the sticker) and from door 5€.


Reclaiming the Freshmen Hat from Freshmnn Hat-event = 1 point
Using the Freshmen Hat at the Engineering Cap Descending Party = 1 point
Being at the Engineering Cap Descending Party in Kantis Bar = 2 points

You can read about the Engineering Cap Regulation and -law from here: