Who are they?

Freshmen are the first year students who are trained to be active and tradition knowing Teekkaris. Student tutoring, freshman pass and several Teekkari events are very effective in this task.

Freshman cap

In order for you to know how to use the Teekkari cap properly on Wappu morning, it is a good idea to practice via using the freshman cap. Although the freshman cap is not directly affected by the same laws and regulations as the Teekkari cap, the freshman cap should be worn and handled with the same dignity as would be a Teekkari cap.

The Oulu-based freshman cap has a long tradition: a strike by cap maker Wahlman’s employees under Wappu in 1977 prevented the then freshmen from getting their Teekkari caps on Wappu morning, so as a temporary solution, fresh Teekkari wore Miranol  painter caps instead of Teekkari caps. Since then similar caps have acted as freshman caps.

Today, the color of freshman caps has changed to blue because white painters caps are hardly made anymore. Over time, traditions have been added to the use of freshman cap. Such tradition is the cremation of freshman caps at Teekkaritalo on the eve of the first of May.

Freshman points?

Freshman points are a measure of freshman activity. Upon starting their studies freshmen are given a freshman pass in which the freshmen collect point by doing quests of different worth. There is a wide variety of quests, such as attending various events, excursions and other ‘study trips’, singing, and other general demonstrations of student spirit.