Freshman events

Oh how is a freshman’s life wonderful… When there are so many events! OTY organizes allkind of freshman events throughout the year. Guilds also organize a lot of freshman activities, for which you can ask your tutor or your guild freshman director for more information.

Freshman orienteering

Freshman orienteering is the first big freshman event, right in mid-September. The purpose of freshman orienteering is to get around the checkpoints with a team, and collect as many points as possible from each checkpoint. Each freshman orienteering has its own theme. Your costumes and the team spirit of the team also affect the points. The best are rewarded, but the main purpose is for everyone to have fun. It is wise to have a bicycle, as the checkpoints are often sprinkled between Linnanmaa and city center.

Bribery of  judges is immoral, but permissible, and possibly sometimes even desirable. The results of the race are announced traditionally in an afterparty.

Freshman sports competition

In freshman sports competitions, freshmen compete against each other in teams of three in various fun-loving sports tasks. The freshman sports competitions will be held in Linnanmaa in the early autumn, after which you will be able to sing and sauna at Teekkaritalo.

Freshman capping

Freshman capping takes place on the same day as the Cap descension, which is traditionally the last day of September. At that day, all freshmen will receive their own freshman caps. With them they will practice the rules related to the Teekkari cap and the orthodox use of the cap in general.

Snow sculpting

In the snow sculpture competitions held in the early spring, the guilds fight against each other by making sculptures out of the snow. Also, this event has a different theme every year and it would be good for the sculptures to somehow join this theme. The event will be held either in Oulu’s Marketplace or in Linnanmaa.


For Teekkari, Wappu is Christmas, Midsummer and New Year in the same package. On Wappu Freshmen (figuratively) die and are reborn as Teekkari. There are several events during Wappu. Wappu culminates on the eve of Wappu, or Waatto, the baptisment of freshmen and Waato’s party. Early on the morning of Wappu Day, the new Teekkari get to press their new Teekkari caps on their heads. On the evening of Wappu Day, freshman caps will be brought to their end with dignity in the cremation of freshman caps at Teekkaritalo.