Ending the academic year is a spectacular many days event Wappu, what every Teekkari and freshmen is waiting for all year round (except May when they are trying to recover from the last one). Most of the events in Oulu are organized by Oulun Teekkariyhdistys, but there fit in many different happenings organized by guilds and other organizations. Many of these events are traditional and they follow good, old pattern. These events are described below. In addition every year new events are developed and old ones are transformed to be even better at least according to current actors.


Traditional Wappu events


The architectural guild releases the technical student’s official Wappu magazine, Ööpinen, in the yearly ceremony of Ööpisgaala. Ööpinen has been published since 1963 meaning its the second oldest Wappu magazine in Finland. The editorial concensus for Ööpinen has always been the same: lower the standard of humour and good taste every year.

Row boat competition (Kirkkovenesoudut) and After party (Jälkisoudut)   

Row boat competition organized by Process engineering guild in Tuira beach is held in the starting days of Teekkariwappu. There different subject associations and organizations of University of Oulu compete for rank order by rowing two kilometers distance in Oulu -river if the ice condition allow it. Speculation of results continues in After party in some of the bars in Oulu, where a band is playing music.   

Theme table party (Teemasitsit)

In many years theme table party is organized to the members of Oulun Teekkariyhdistys for reasonable price. Themes in last years have been for example submarine and holiday flight. Attending students have dressed according to the theme and even the traditional habits are changed to suit for the theme.


BBQ –party and revealing the winner of local Jäynä –competition

This relaxing, grilling party is organized in Teekkarihouse, where the winner of the local Jäynä –competition is revealed and local student band is playing. Naturally there are few public grills and plenty of private ones. This is time to take some food for grilling and meet new people.


Raves (Reivit)

The most epic parties, what Teekkarihouse has experienced. Meaning was to get students to know the culture of raves, which end up going extremely well. Nowadays it is held some other place where more people are fitt in.


Day drunk (Päiväkännit)

In 2010 together with Oulun Luonnontieteilijät Day drunk –party was organized first time. It is a free party, which idea is to go to a selected bar around midday and leave before the evening starts to darken. There are cheap drink offers and sometimes even a band playing. Wesibussi (Waterbus) also offers free transport from campus to the steps of the bar.



Waatonaatto is the day before eve of Wappu, traditionally 29.4. The day starts around midday usually at the market place Kauppatori in the city centre, where guilds organize different kind of Tempaus to people gathering to the area.  During the happening is organized Freshmen competition, where usually three most active freshmen of every guild compete as a team against other guilds. This is the last chance to affect the guilds swimming order for next day Freshmen swimming. In the evening time is organized a party, which includes for example a Chairman’s (confusing) competition and a gig from a band. 


Waatto (eve of Wappu)

Waatto starts at just before midday in front of Rauhala, where the chairman of Oulun Teekkariyhdistys pronounces the Teekkariwappu to be officially started. At that time starts the permission to use Teekkari cap. The permission lasts till the end of September.

After the pronouncement Wappu parade starts. In the parade Teekkaritorvet (brass band) plays music on top of truck, Chairmen tell bad jokes from a pallet of Ykä (red old car belonging to Mechanical engineering guild) and students make some noise. Parades stops to watch the Franzen –statue to get a Finnish graduation cap done by Humanistic guild of Oulu and to honor the last place of Ratikka-Lupi (old party club of Teekkarit). The parade returns back to Rauhala.

In Rauhala the Fuksikaste will begin after parade. Then every freshman gathered enough freshmen points can slide to river in order to earn their Teekkari cap later on.

 Freshmen have enough time to dry themselves before evening party in the bar. Exceptionally most of the Teekkari leaves the bar around three o’clock in order to gather in the under passage of railway station to growl or snarl at 3.33.33 o’clock. 

This group continues back to Rauhala to follow the born of new Teekkaris and add a new knot to their Teekkari caps. Every Teekkari set their new or bit changed Teekkari cap on their heads at the same time when the chairman of Oulun Teekkariyhdistys gives his/her permission to do so after a speech.       

AfterTeekkari cap setting studentshave possibility to enjoy a “herring” breakfast together at some place near Rauhala. The breakfast is organized by some Teekkari guild, so it has reasonable price. Some of the braver ones continue to Linnasaari to have Champagne matinee.

At the very end, goodbye to Wappu is said at the Teekkarihouse where Frehmens caps are burned and buried.