Freshman pass

What is it?

When you start your studies at the University of Oulu in the field of technology or architecture, you are all Teekkari freshmen for the first year of your studies. At Wappu freshmen become Teekkari if they have shown to be worthy of the Teekkari title. This is done by collecting points in the Freshman pass. The number of points collected also has a direct effect on the guild’s internal swimming order in Wappu eve. There will also be a competition between each top three most points collected freshmen from each guild. The one who has collected the most will be granted the famous title of Superfuksi.

How to collect points?

3p – PK1 / PlasSom
Pass the course Calculus I or Plastic Design during autumn semester.

2p – 20 ECTS
Gather 20 ECTS from the Faculty of Technology or from the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

2p – Freshman singing night
Take part in a freshman singing night organized by OTY. 

1p – Teekkari tradition seminar
Take part in the seminar organized by OTY. Usually on the same day as Teekkari tradition day.

1p – Teekkari overalls
Purchase the overalls of your guild and use them.

1p – Tutoring
Attend atleast eight tutoring events.

1p – Correctly assembled pass
Assemble your freshman pass correctly and fill in the quest of your own guild (killan oma).

1-3p Joker

3p – Sitsit
Take part in a sitsit of some Teekkari guild.

2p – Jäynä
Do a jäynä by for example taking part in the jäynä competitions.

1-2p Singing marathon
1p Take part in the event,
1p take part in the lyrics competition.

1p – Speksi
Watch a speksi or take part in PahkiSpeksi.

1p – Singing exam
Sing Teekkarihymni, guild song of your guild and a third song of your own choosing (chosen from Laulukalu or Kalunjatke) from foreign memory alone or with a friend(s).

1p – Freshman cap
Get the freshman cap on the event before the Cap descension. 

1p – Day of Otto
Take part in the activities of day of Otto.

1-3p Joker

3p – Teekkari cap order
Order a Teekkari cap for yourself

2p – Guild active
Be a board member or other elected official of your guild or OTY.

2p – OTY meeting
Attend from start to finish in a board or association meeting of OTY. 

1p – Teekkari sticker
Use the Teekkari sticker for a discount.

1p – Member of TEK
Join to be a member of the union Tekniikan Akateemiset. Membership for students is free.

1p – Gathering event
Take part in a gathering event (kähmintäsauna) where guild actives tell about how is it like working in the guild.

1p – Other society action
Take part in the activities of some 
interest society within OYY.

1-3p Joker

3p – Using the freshman cap
Use the freshman cap when it is allowed. You’ll get one point for each event. Max 3 points.

2p – Annual meeting
Attend from start to finish in your guild annual meeting where they elect the board members and officials for the next year. 

2p –  Guilds own
Freshman point of your own guild

  • Arkkitehtikilta: Guild house communal work
  • Ympäristörakentajakilta: Freshman soccer
  • Prosessikilta: Guild room communal work
  • Konekilta: Organising the Laskiainen / Shrovetide
  • Sähköinsinöörikilta: Guild room communal work
  • OTiT: Using IRC
  • OPTIEM: Feedback event of Industrial meeting
  • OLTO: 

 1p – Wappuinfo
Take part in Wappuinfo of your own guild.

1p – Freshman info
Take part in Freshman info of your own guild.

1p – Guildroom cleaning
Take part in the cleaning of your guildroom twice. For architecture students it is the guild house instead of the guild room. 

1p – Board meeting
Attend the board meeting of our guild from start to finish.


1-3p Joker

3p Freshman orienteering
Take part in the freshman orienteering organized by OTY. 

2p – Cap descension
Take part in the Cap descension (Lakinlaskijaiset) on the last day of September.

2p – Picojoule
Take part in the pre-Christmas party organized by OTY.

1p – PikkuWappu
Take part in the event. It takes place in December and is been organized by OTiT.

1p – Afterski of Laskiainen
Take part in the afterski party at Laskiainen organized by Kone.

1p – Kaamoksen Kaatajaiset
Take part in the event organized by SIK.

1p – ValeWappu
Take part in the event organized by OPTIEM and YRK.


1-3p Joker

3p – Snow sculpting competition
Active attendance in the sculpting of the snow sculpture of your guild. 

2p – Freshman sport competitions
Take part in the competition organized by OTY.

2p – Sled racing
Take part in the sled racing at Laskiainen. 

1p – Kyykkä
Take part in some official Kyykkä competition in Oulu or in the World Championship in Tampere.

1p – Jog
Participation in the Teekkari jog, which is usually held on Mondays.

1p – OTYmpics
Take part in the event organized by OTY.

1p – Ympärihiihdot
Ski in the event called Ympärihiihdot organized by SIK.


1-3p Joker

3p – Freshman excursion
Take part in the freshman excursion of your guild.

2p – Other bussiness visit
Visit a bussiness but not in the freshman excursion.

2p – Guildroom crawl
Take part in this event organized by OTiT getting to know the guild rooms of other guilds.

1p – OTY member night
Take part in the member night organized by OTY.

1p – Internation Affairs
Take part in an international event. For example international sitsit or the Teekkari culture info.

1p – Slumber party
Take part in this non-alcoholic event for freshmen.

1p – Home cooking course
Take part in the course organized by OTY.


1-3p Joker

3p Teekkaritalo communal work
Take part in the communal work for Teekkaritalo.

2p PESTI career day
Take part organizing the PESTI career day.

2p Tempaus
Take part in a tempaus. 

1p Guild magazine
Write a story or do graphics for the magazine of your guild. 

1p Abiturient day
Take part in organizing the abiturient day.

1p Party organizing
Take part in organizing a party for an association. For example sell tickets or be a waiter. 

1p Business orientation
Take part in a workshop or a seminar which is preparing you for seeking a job.

1-3p Jokerikohta

3p – Annual celebration
Take part as a guest or as an organizer in the annual celebration of some Teekkari association.

2p – Freshman picnic
Take part in the freshman picnic organized by OTY.

2p – Pre-Christmas party
Take part in the pre-Christmas party of your guild.

1p – Barbaariset Bakkanaalit
Take part in this event organized by the Architecture guild.

1p – Appro
Take part in the events Makia-appro or Mallas-Appro.

1p – Akateemiset Alkajaiset
Take part in this event organized by OPTIEM and YRK.

1p – Un-Teekkari party
Take part in a party which is organized other than a Teekkari association.


1-3p Joker

The jokers listed below are suggestions for the tasks required to earn points. Jokers can be marked in any column. Joker points may be supplemented by several events up to a total of 3 points. Joker points cannot be marked in places other than the joker place.

For other possible joker points, contact Freshman Committee.

Joker points can be earned from, among other things:

3p – Hemavan
Participation in the Hemavan trip organized by the YKHS.

3p – Soopa
Participation in Soopa’s autumn or winter hike.

3p – Representative Council elections
Nomination in OYY’s Representative Council elections.

2p – Meeting of the Representative Council
Attendance at OYY’s Representative Council meeting from start to finish.

2p – Second participation in a tempaus

2p – Blood donation

2p – Visit to a Teekkari or Architect Museum

2p – YKHS
Participation in one of the YKHS ski trips.

1p – City tour
Participation in the City Tour following OTiT’s guild room tour

1p – Ice fishing
Participation in Ice fishing Competitions organized by OTY

1p – Social media
Follow at least three OTY social media accounts.

1p – Ratikka
Participation in a darts or game night of the Ratikka

1p – OYY student council elections
Vote in OYY student Council elections.

1p – TeeKu
Participate in the activities of TeekkariKuoro.

1p – TeekkariTorvet
Participate in the activities of TeekkariKuoro.

For sitsit and annual celebrations, working earns you freshman points according to the length of shifts. During night hours, from 00-06, one earns double the freshman points. Even if the required working hours have already been reached, the shift must be completed and it is a good idea to notify the person in charge of the event when you end your shift.

Points for a shift at daytime:
1-4h shift = 1p
4-7h shift = 2p
Over 7h shift = 3p

During night time, 00-06:
2h shift= 1p
3h shift = 2p
4h shift = 3p